Group Menus

The price is determined according to the main course 





SWEET POTATO HOT POT                                                                                           Creamy and slightly hot sweet potato soup. Slices of bread on side. L



BLACKENED  SALMON                            39€
                                                                                         Roasted Cajun salmon, potato and mushroom bake, avocado and yoghurt sauce, spring onion, marinated cherry tomatoes and roasted capers. L, G


BOURBON CHICKEN                              38€                                                                                        Chicken breast fillet marinated in thyme, warm vegetable salad, marinated cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and red wine sauce. VL, G


PEPPER STEAK                                     49€                         Beef tenderloin (180 g) with pepper sauce,  potato wedges and grilled vegetables. L,G




Chocolate cake with cookies and caramel sauce